DUCO-TECHNIC engineering plant is a German-Ukrainian company, founded in 1995. DUCO-TECHNIC company intensively develops its activities in the following main areas:

  • production of equipment for meat and fish industry
  • process design of slaughter and meat processing workshops
  • supply of consumables and components
  • development and implementation of energy saving technologies
  • engineering

DUCO-TECHNIC equipment, produced jointly with German partner firm occupies a leading position in the market and successfully competes with the famous European manufacturers. The equipment of DUCO-TECHNIC is exportedto the markets of near and far abroad – Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

When manufacturing equipment, the success of DUCO-TECHNIC is in the use of advanced European technologies and high quality materials, which are processed on German and Japanese CNC machines by qualified personnel.
These components generally provide high manufacturability, reliability and flawless appearance of the equipment. Customers of DUCO-TECHNIC are always serviced at the highest level not only during warranty period, but also during post warranty term of life of the equipment.

A high level of abroad service is provided by a well-developed dealer network and own offices in Germany (MEPROTEC), Uzbekistan (EUROFOOD GROUP), Belarus (Frostmaster) and Australia (GLOBUS GROUP). All DUCO-TECHNIC equipment is certified, allowing to make it as accessible for our customers as possible both in Ukraine and abroad. The quality of our products and country of manufacturer are confirmed by certificates of conformity and origin. The company possesses a great intellectual potential. On the basis of own design office that uses new automated systems, the equipment constantly undergoes improving, technological processes undergo optimization, and there implemented own know-how of the department of new developments.

Today, DUCO-TECHNIC offers and realizes the complex large scale program that includes a diverse range of services, namely:

  • production, selection and delivery of equipment, consumables, and components
  • carrying out the installation, commissioning and training of Client's personnel
  • planning, designing of new and reconstruction of existing companies (licence No. 573992)
  • current, warranty and post-warranty service
  • technical and technological consultations.