The belt press is versatile in application for separation of liquid and solid fractions. Its areas of use cover a wide range of applications both in the food industry and in other industries:

  • Processing of fruits and vegetables for the production of juices of direct extraction as well as concentrates - Production of fish meal
  • Obtaining of extracts of plants and algae
  • Beet-sugar production
  • Dehydration of coffee grounds
  • Production of sunflower oil - Production of starch
  • Dewatering of sparging, leavened wort and wine must
  • Soybean processing
  • Other areas of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Structurally, the belt press is a system of shafts, between which there are stretched upper and lower endless belts continuously driven by an electric drive.

The fragmented mass is evenly distributed on the lower belt, passing through the metering hopper, followed by feeding to the pressure zone by way of the upper belt pressure. Gradual increase of pressure provides the optimum and quick removal and extraction of liquid. Pressed solid fraction is removed from the belt with scrapers and is cleared through the chute into the container.

Belt presses are available in two types and sizes with the performance rate of product processing constituting 1500 kg/h and 3000 kg/h.