For fast, efficient and controlled defrosting of frozen food raw materials and products (fish, meat, poultry)


  • high efficiency
  • reducing of losses – improving the quality of the process of defrostation
  • high degree of automation – acceleration of the process

Equipped with a logic control, Defrost defrostation chambers that use flow movement of air and heating technology allow to defrost packed meat, fish and other food products in optimum and highly efficient mode. Only this method allows to avoid losses in weight of the product that is defrosted.

High quality – Defrost defrostation chambers ensure quick and uniform process.
The defrosting process is performed with a help of a compact block of units that provides a uniform flow of air prepared by thermal equipment. Defrost chambers are designed in such a way that the block of units and an adjustable overlap form a wind tunnel.

Chambers are made from sandwich panels that have been approved for use in the food industry. Sanitary processing of chambers and their elements is very simple.
A logic control system monitors the temperature on the surface of the product and inside of it as well as the internal temperature of the chamber, so that the product defrosting process can be done without loss of moisture and weight. It also enables fast defrosting with low heat consumption. Depending on the product and the size of the chamber, defrosting time from - 20ºС to - 2ºС oscillates from 6 to 12 hours.

Customized solution – the possibility to use the existing premises
Defrost chambers can be supplied also in components, whereby the block of units with an overlap and the control system are supplied actually without the chamber itself. Thus, it is possible to use the available existing space. Equipment installation and commissioning are made easy and fast.

The principle of operation
The defrosting process is continuously monitored by temperature sensors inside the body, on the surface of the product, as well as in the chamber. The defrosting process is terminated automatically, upon reaching a predetermined temperature in the body. Due to it, the surface temperature never exceeds the allowed value, which has a positive effect on the microbiological stability of the product.

Defrostation chamber is made from approved for use in the food industry sandwich panels with polyurethane foam filler covered with polyester varnish.

Electricity supply         400V


6 euro-pallets / 4.800 x 2.790 x 3.000 mm
8 euro-pallets / 6.400 x 2.790 x 3.000 mm
10 euro-pallets / 8.000 х 2.790 х 3.000 mm
12 euro-pallets / 9.600 x 2.790 x 3.000 mm
14 euro-pallets / 11.200 x 2.790 x 3.000 mm
16 euro-pallets / 12.800 x 2.790 x 3.000 mm

Power consumption during defrosting is about 2.5 kW/h per 1 pallet