DUCO-TECHNIC offers innovative technology Dryjet-Eco for fish processing industry, which includes constant and full control of the process of fish drying, autonomy from any weather conditions and also the maximum efficiency of energy consumption for preparation of the finished product.

The equipment for fish drying Dryjet-Eco, produced by DUCO-TECHNIC, consists of the following components, namely:

  • climate control unit for air preparation, in which air flow undergoes drying and heating in power saving mode;
  • the systems of injection and suction channels for interfacing climate control unit and the drying chamber for the purpose of air change and a uniform distribution of the prepared air;
  • integrated blocks of circulation ventilation and heating, which ensure uniform and optimum cooling of the product;
  • temperature and humidity monitoring units;
  • MP-1000 control system, which allows programming of the parameters of drying in 40 programs of 30 steps each, and tightly control the execution of the drying process itself;
  • and finally, a cooling unit for moisture condensation, and cooling and heating of air in power saving mode.

Dryjet-Eco Technology is unparalleled - it is a unique proprietary developed by DUCO-TECHNIC, which has proved its superiority in practice.

When using Dryjet-Eco fish drying systems, during the process of fish drying, there is observed the most efficient movement of moisture from inner layers of the product to outer (diffusion) without formation of a dry outer crust that prevents evaporation of moisture from the product surface. This is caused by the precise confinement of process parameters, such as temperature and humidity, in the process of program execution, as well as by adjusting the speed of the air flow inside the drying chamber. In Dryjet-Eco dryers, the drying process is absolutely controlled!

MP-1000 intelligent control system developed by DUCO-TECHNIC specialists, will not only allow you to control reliably and with high accuracy the process of drying, but can also provide information in real time about the main processes taking place in a Dryjet-Eco chamber with an interval of up to 5 seconds. All the information is displayed on a personal computer of a technologist in a format of the technological process protocol, which allows to carry out the detailed analysis and correct errors.

Unique recommendation option of MP-1000 control system enables a technologist to avoid errors when setting technology-based programs in the ratios of temperature and humidity, giving a warning signal. The system blocks wrong options and offers to choose correct ones, thus eliminating the formation of condensation on the product and, as a consequence, unwanted mould.

MP-1000 intelligent control system constantly undergoes self-examination, thus excluding its erratic operation due to possible malfunctions. This greatly improves reliability potential of Dryjet-Eco drying chambers. Dryjet-Eco systems allow to protect the technological process of drying from adverse environmental effects such as high humidity or high temperature, which may contribute to the destabilization of microbiology of the product..

The product quickly loses unbound water, which significantly increases its palatability and organoleptic characteristics. Dryjet-Eco system is very economical due to the use of "waste products", that is, the hot freon is used for heating air or compensation for loss of temperature in the chamber during drying. This allows to save electricity, thus significantly increasing plant efficiency and reducing the cost of the finished product.

When using technology Dryjet-Eco, the most important thing is a stable high quality of your products with minimum terms of its production!