Intended for smoking, drying and heat treatment of meat products, fish products and other food products according to specified technology, entered into the memory of the control system. DUCOMASTER systems with higher efficiency perform such processes as frying, drying, hot and cold smoking, smoking in a predetermined humidity, and boiling the product with minimum weight loss and ensuring high and stable quality of the product.

The efficiency and reliability of DUCOMASTER heat chambers

Due to use of high quality German materials and components. Made entirely of stainless steel, chambers' structure (all-welded or modular) provides high strength and leakproofness. Insulated walls allow to achieve maximum energy savings when operating DUCOMASTER systems. Stability of work of actuating units of chambers is a result of using of an air-driven system. Individual approach to each client makes possible the placement and installation of DUCOMASTER systems taking into account the conditions and peculiarities of the enterprise's design. The production model includes a system of automatic cleaning of the chamber. The loading is carried out on standard floor-standing or hanging frames.


  • electric
  • gas
  • steam
  • gas-electric
  • steam-electric

The reference range of temperatures in a DUCOMASTER heat chamber:

  • serial – up to 150ºC;
  • by special order – up to 250ºC.

Program control – a stable indicator of product quality

The control system of DUCOMASTER smoking chambers is the constant and complete control of the process parameters with the output of information on a display, as well as on a personal computer of a technologist.
40 programs of 30 technological steps each and process control for the temperature in the center of the product allow to create the optimal modes of thermal treatment in combination with the uniform circulation of airflow in the chamber which enables uniform processing of the product. The options set in the programming process are as follows:

  • process name;
  • process duration;
  • temperature inside the chamber;
  • temperature inside the product;
  • ∆ t of gentle heat treatment.

The discrepancy of values of the internal temperature of the product at the end of the process constitues 1ºC.

Independent programming of the control system of DUCOMASTER smoking chambers is not difficult and requires no special skills or knowledge.
Humidity control is performed by sensors installed inside the DUCOMASTER chamber.
The control system also provides the mode of automatic cleaning.

DUCOMASTER universal smoking chambers are equipped by choice with two types of smoke generators: sawdust or friction.

The friction smoke generator

  • the low temperature of smoke generation. The generated smoke is fine-dispersed, and has a temperature of 3ºC above the ambient temperature. As the temperature of the smoke, thus obtained, is significantly lower than the temperature of the smoke when smouldering - an ideal environment for cold smoking is created

Sawdust smoke generator

  • the concentration and intensity of smoke
  • independence from the size of fractions and type of sawdust used (with the exception of resinous wood and sawdust dust)
  • reduction of time of smoking
  • golden color and delicious flavor of the production

The layout of DUCOMASTER heat chambers

type 2500 5000 7500 10000 10000B