TERMOPAK thermocontractable system is designed for the final operation of processing of food products' packaging in automatic mode in environment of heated water.

The system can be used both as a part of a complex (line) and as a stand-alone equipment.

Operating principle:
The operating process on installing includes loading of ready to packing shrinkage products on the lifting table and short-term immersion (2 sec.) into the water bath in automatic mode.
System running and adjustment of temperatures in the water bath can be performed from the control panel located on the front wall.
The temperature control and the end of the cycle is carried out in automatic mode.


Cycle duration (processing) from 2 sec.
The range of temperature adjusting to +92ºC
The working volume of the bath:
• Length, mm

• Width, mm 600
• Depth, mm 300

Overall dimensions (frontal part):
• Length, mm

• Width, mm 740
• Height, mm 1390 with an umbrella / 1160 without an umbrella

Operating water temperature from +70ºС to +92ºС
System weight without water 110 kg